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Hastings District Woodcraft Folk

Co-ordinate and supervise all the activities of the Woodcraft Folk Groups in its area; initiate joint activities between the Woodcraft Folk Groups in its area and with other groups within and outside the Woodcraft Folk as appropriate; initiate and promote Woodcraft Folk leadership training, in order to ensure good quality leadership; ensure that all its activities remain consistent with the National Woodcraft Folk Constitution as amended by the decisions of the Woodcraft Folk Annual Gathering; ensure that it applies the decisions of the Woodcraft Folk Annual Gathering; maintain a list of members; ensure reasonable conduct by all members while engaged in any Woodcraft Folk activity; to help children and young people understand the values of co-operation, citizenship, collective responsibility, internationalism, peace and respect for the environment.
Weekly sessions with young people aged between 6 - 16 years that lasts an hour and a half. We focus on co-operative games, independence skills and we also go on camping trips and residentials.

30 Augustus Way
TN37 7NR
Phone: 07597 563798
Children and families, Education, training, learning, Environment / conservation, Young people

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