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Leaders of Hastings Going for Zero campaign hail early success

With news that the number of Covid cases and people being admitted to hospital has reduced and government figures indicating that for the first time in months, Hastings had one day with zero cases, the campaign to kick Covid out of Hastings – #Imgoingforzero – secured a major boost. But community and health leaders say it’s not time to ease up now. Carole Dixon, CEO of Education Futures Trust said:
“It is fantastic that the hard work of residents and the NHS has resulted in Hastings achieving its first zero day. Thinking back to the difficult winter peak, Hastings has faced up to huge health and social challenges that make achieving zero a real triumph.”
“The next stage is to use our incredible community spirit to build on this success, and open our schools and businesses with the minimum of new infections. Unless we do this, there is a real danger that our well-loved events, such as the Seafood and Wine Festival, will be cancelled, and a host of local hospitality businesses will not be able to open. It is really important that we work together and make sure Hastings is open for business.”
The campaign is calling for more community groups and businesses to step up to the plate by making pledges on social media using the #ImGoingforZero hashtag adding to those on the YouTube site at
The campaign is also backing the NHS vaccine campaign and has worked with the NHS to produce a leaflet urging Hastings residents who have been vaccinated to tell others – and encourage them to get the jab as soon as they can. Steve Manwaring, CEO of Hastings Voluntary Action added:

“Don’t hesitate. Getting the jab is striking a blow at the virus and its dreadful impact on the whole community, it’s how we can protect the town we love as well as ourselves and our families. Unless a very high level of residents are vaccinated the town will be open to continued numbers of serious illnesses and death. Critically our essential tourist industry and the fantastic cultural life of the town simply cannot recover properly until the virus is contained.”

Image Credit: Georgie Scott

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