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Proposed new governing document for Hastings Voluntary Action

At Hastings Voluntary Action's AGM on Friday 16 November 2018, we will ask members to vote on whether to adopt a new governing document for Hastings Voluntary Action. This is in order to reflect legal changes and adopt good practice, and uses a modern standard template from the Charity Commission.
Below you will find a copy of the proposed new governing document for HVA, our current governing document, and an explanation of the key differences.
To help our members to understand the changes and the reasons for them, we are holding a workshop on Monday 5 November 2018 10am to 12noon at HVA. Anyone wanting to learn more about  HVA's new governing document is welcome to come along.  This workshop will also be of interest to any group whose own memorandum and articles of association pre-date the changes made by the 2006 Companies Act.  If you would be interested in coming along, please contact Pat Weaver on or telephone on 01424 444010
If you have any questions and you are unable to attend the workshop on Monday 5 November, you can contact Pat Weaver any time up to HVA's AGM. Due to the technical and legal nature of the change to our governing document, it would be helpful if any questions that you would like answered at the AGM could be submitted in writing in advance of HVA’s AGM before noon on Thursday 15 November 2018 to Pat Weaver at . This will enable questions to be answered clearly and fully and to ensure the legality of the response.

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